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Travis started his career in the cable industry 6 years ago and prior to that worked for a growing technology company. 

He and his wife live on five beautiful acres in a small town on the outskirts of Redmond. When he's not working, he enjoys listening to business centered talk radio, hiking, fishing, bbq's with friends and being outdoors.

(December 2015)


Rated #1 Best Seller on Amazon in 2015 for our quality made Cable Splitter products.

BAMF Manufacturing was started in one of the fastest growing cities in the country, Bend, Oregon by two good friends with one great idea...create a line of cable products that ACTUALLY WORK.

After only a short time of being part of the Amazon marketplace with their 3-way splitter, sales numbers made it quite clear that the industry needed some better options for cable products and tools. Since BAMF launched in 2015, sales have more than doubled each month and there's no sign that things are slowing down. The team at BAMF is looking towards the future and continue to plan for more additions to their cutting edge product line. 

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Founded: 2013

Owner: The BAMF Brothers

Experience: 20+ years combined experience in the cable industry.


Ok guys, what sparked the idea for your company in the first place?
​"When perusing the cable/satellite section at many brick & mortar stores, we noticed that a majority of the products available were old technology, poorly constructed, and frankly a waste of money. Many people aren’t aware that these products can have a negative effect on the clarity of their picture, speed of their internet, and/or the overall reliability of their service; cable, satellite, antenna, VoIP, MoCA, or internet. This discovery led to the start of BAMF (Bend's Ultimate Manufacturing Facility), a company started by two guys with a combined 20+ years in the cable industry. We had the desire to develop and provide the highest quality video/internet products that are available today. We take great pride in providing amazing products and customer service. With our extensive knowledge of the industry, what more could you ask for in a support/development team?"


Ryan has been working in cable for more than a decade and still enjoys the problem solving nature of the job.

He lives in Bend with his family on a small ranch. In his down time, Ryan keeps busy fishing, hunting, meddling with fine carpentry and working on projects around his property.

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