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Multiple Antennas

Q: Can I use this splitter to tie together multiple antennas?
A: We recommend using a signal combiner for this application. 

MoCa Filter

Q: When should I use a MoCa filter?
A: Any time you are running MoCa devices in your home. The MoCa filter keep your signals bound to your home, which is vital for security and device performance 

Splitters & Signal Quality
Q: Will using a splitter degrade me signal?
A: All splitters decrease signal. This does not mean your picture quality, or your internet speed will change. The truth is your cable line is split many many times before it even reaches your house. What's important is the signal levels by the time it reaches your devices in your home.
We have some guides for checking basic signal (without needing  an expensive  signal meter).

Extra Screws in Box
Q: What are these little screws that came in the box?
A: those are used for grounding the cable splitter to your electrical ground in your house for outside applications if desired. 

Amazon Tracking
Q: The tracking shows delivered but I don't have the package. Can you track it for me?
A: Our Amazon orders are fulfilled by Amazon directly and we do not have access to tacking informing. Please contact Amazon directly 

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